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Finale Ligure

In the thin strip of mountainous land facing the sea which belongs to Finale, there is a concentration of an extraordinary variety of natural areas, as witness to the history of the earth and of man, and many excursions can be based on these several premises.

These can be on foot, on mountain bikes and on horse. The rocky areas are very important botanically because they are home to a “protected area” for several delicate vegetation species which manage to survive in this habitat. Two important endemisms live among the Finale rocks: the Campanula isophylla (Italian bellflower) and the dandelion, whose distribution is limited exclusively to these plateaux.
The Manie plateau is interesting because the ocellated lizard still lives here and the speckled frog is still reproducing in some of the pools. As you wander, you can find holm-oak, bunches of rock roses, arboreal heather and strawberry trees, which still produce flowers and fruit at the same time (quite unusual).

Finale Ligure is also one of the most beautiful climbing areas in Italy, the many “rock walls” in the territory make it a sought after venue for climbers from all over the world!
Amongst the cliffs there are numerous MTB paths with breathtaking views. For enthusiasts, not to be missed is crossing the Manie plateau.

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