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A long stretch of sand makes up the Final coastline, making a charming beach, lapped by cobalt blue waters reminiscent of faraway places.

The beach isn’t only sand but also very ancient history.

If we look closely, we can spot very fine grains, tiny, medium sized and large bowls.

If some of them could tell us of their lives, we would have to go back to ancient times when the sea was still the patron to the people of Finale and abandoned the cliffs to die when it slowly receded.

From these “dead mountains” tons of debris broke free and slowly drifted down to the valley via wind and rivers, to meet the sea that had abandoned them, clumps of originally organic calcium and calcite cement, pink in colour and for years searched for and studied by naturalists. From this never too overrated beach, where the waves break as if embracing the earth, you can gaze out far and glimpse the dancing needlefish, the schools of sardines that come to the surface and sometimes dolphins that leap through the water almost as if saying hello to the beach and giving a huge welcome to the tourist, reminding him of the calmness and fragrance of the sea.

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